For the safeguard of the workers from “Kyivpasstrance”, “Labor Solidarity” will enlist the major European trade unions


On the 24th of December the active members of trade union “Labor Solidarity” declared creation of the strike committee under the Utility company (UC) “Kyivpasstrance”. It will coordinate the actions of workers and be of their interests. Also, trade union’s activists filed the applications to the prosecutor’s office and to the police today. The urgent request is to lay a criminal information against the governing bodies of “Kyivpasstrance” because of arrears in wage payment.

For the protection of workers from repression of company’s higher-ups and special services for the future reference “Labor Solidarity” enlisted European trade union’s support. Both Conjenctly trade unions plan to gain the imposition of address sanctions of European Community against the higher-ups of “Kyivpasstrance” and bureaucracies, who gave command “to stir up” the special services against strike participants. It was declared by Vitalii Makhynko, the leader of trade union “Labor Solidarity” on the 24th of December during press conference in “Interfax”.

«Labor Solidarity» opened «Тhe Centre of law support for the warriors»


The inauguration of “The Centre of law support for the warriors” occurred on the 4thof December in Kirovograd by the independent trade union “Labor Solidarity”. The lawyers of The Centre will give a legal aid to Ukrainian servicemen. It will be free irrespective of what it is: an advice or an accompaniment in a court of law.

«Labor Solіdarity» presented The Social Press Centre


On the 1st of December “Labor Solidarity” set up The Social Press Centre in the presence of public institutions and mass media. This new media-project is offered in Kirovograd. It has a pronounced social character and proceeds the “Labor Solidarity’s” initiatives.